My Ring

Proposal Stories

Krista & Andy

Andy and I had been looking at various rings for a while so of course I was anxiously awaiting the day he’d pop the question! I always knew all things goings on so I figured I’d know when he was going to do it. One night after work, he asked if I wanted to go out to eat which was very typical for us. I was 8 months pregnant with little Sydney and it was November so I had been wearing one of Andy’s jackets. So, he handed me the jacket of his I had been wearing and said “Let’s get going to dinner”. I put it on to find an extra heavy right pocket. I pulled out a ring box and he dropped down on a knee and of course I said YES! I was completely surprised and was in love with my beautiful ring that had every little detail that I had been talking about for so long! Thank you Kelsey for helping him be a great sneak and create this beauty!

Kelsey & Spencer 

Spencer‎ knows‎ my‎ favorite‎ time‎ of‎ year‎ is‎ Christmas.‎ I‎ also‎ love‎ the‎ Christmas‎ lights‎ in‎ the‎ park‎ at‎ Linenwood‎ and‎ go‎ every‎ year.‎ On‎ Wednesday,‎ December‎ 13th,‎ 2018‎ Spencer‎ texted‎ me‎ while‎ I‎ was‎ at‎ work‎ telling‎ me‎ he‎ got‎ a‎ promotion!‎ He‎ said‎ he‎ was‎ so‎ excited‎ and‎ wanted‎ to‎ celebrate‎ by‎ going‎ to‎ the‎ lights‎ in‎ the‎ park‎ that‎ night.‎ I‎ was‎ excited‎ but‎ wasn’t‎ feeling‎ very‎ well‎ that‎ day‎ but‎ hoped‎ I’d‎ feel‎ better‎ by‎ the‎ time‎ we‎ went.‎ I‎ got‎ home‎ and‎ Spencer‎ was‎ ready‎ to‎ go‎ with‎ Wyatt‎ and‎ was‎ in‎ a‎ really‎ good‎ mood.‎ I‎ still‎ didn’t‎ feel‎ good‎ and‎ decided‎ to‎ put‎ on‎ my‎ maternity‎ sweatpants‎ and‎ slippers‎ knowing‎ I‎ wouldn’t‎ have‎ to‎ get‎ out‎ of‎ the‎ car.‎ I‎ even‎ made‎ a‎ comment‎ that‎ I‎ felt‎ so‎ crappy‎ and‎ asked‎ if‎ we‎ could‎ do‎ this‎ another‎ night.‎ Spencer‎ was‎ adamant‎ that‎ we‎ go‎ to‎ celebrate‎ and‎ didn’t‎ want‎ another‎ night‎ so‎ off‎ we‎ went.‎ When‎ we‎ got‎ there‎ we‎ were‎ about‎ halfway‎ through‎ it‎ when‎ Spencer‎ started‎ driving‎ off‎ behind‎ the‎ displays.‎ I‎ started‎ yelling‎ “Spencer‎ where‎ the‎ hell‎ are‎ you‎ going?!”‎ and‎ he‎ just‎ didn’t‎ respond‎ and‎ kept‎ driving.‎ I‎ couldn’t‎ see‎ where‎ we‎ were‎ going‎ until‎ we‎ stopped‎ and‎ I‎ looked‎ straight‎ ahead‎ out‎ the‎ window.‎ It‎ was‎ my‎ very‎ own‎ Christmas‎ display!‎ He‎ had‎ lights‎ on‎ a‎ display‎ board‎ spelling‎ out,‎ “Mi‎ Amor‎ Be‎ Mine‎ Forever?”‎ We‎ got‎ out‎ of‎ the‎ car‎ and‎ we‎ stood‎ in‎ front‎ of‎ the‎ sign‎ and‎ Spencer‎ said‎ some‎ nice‎ words‎ and‎ got‎ down‎ on‎ his‎ knee‎ and‎ popped‎ the‎ question.‎ I‎ was‎ excited,‎ I‎ loved‎ it,‎ and‎ of‎ course‎ said‎ yes!!