About My Ring


Meet Our Founder

In 2008, my journey in the corporate jewelry industry began. After 7 years of hard work, training, and dedication I was ready for a change in the jewelry world. The amount of success I had growing into a member of management and experiencing daily work diversity helped me achieve a top 10 sales associate status in the nation for a Berkshire Hathaway Company. The opportunity to move from corporate jewelry to a family owned store was offered. I decided to take a leap of faith and couldn’t be happier about it I am in my 6th year at the locally owned family jewelry store, and the passion I have for helping people create the ring of their dreams is indescribable. I am so grateful to have the freedom to design and create my client’s vision. After research, and endless nights on Pinterest, I discovered how many people desire that one of a kind engagement ring.

– Kelsey Warren

How My Ring Started

After explaining to many clients that a “custom design ring” does not mean “you will pay more;” but that you will have a one of a kind ring designed by you, while keeping you in your perfect price range. I decided to start the new revolutionary online way to create the ring of your dreams, and to allow the process to be easy, fun, and honest in pricing and quality. Once you create your profile on MyRing, you will be able to upload your Pinterest account and “Pin Your Perfect Rings.” From start to finish you will have access to professional design advice on the creation of your dream ring with the guidance of your personal ring expert.